2013-03-04   13 val. 57 min.

Oss – this is how people practicing karate greet!

The word “Oss” is pronounced accompanied by a bow, which shows respect, by warm eyes contact which reflects a passion to act, desire to know and to develop all-round.

I want to greet each guest of our website who is interested both in eastern culture and its part – karate do.

Our club is opened to each personality, governmental and non-governmental organizations, agencies and federations who want to collaborate in reaching common goals.

We pleasantly participate in social projects on public basis. We believe in growing generation and we give to it a big part of our internal energy, hopping that it will help to raise Our children.

With this welcome word I want to convey the philosophy and to wish to each student to find his teacher. People practicing karate eventually become friends and a part of karate family.

About myself…

I have started practicing karate when I was at the7th grade. I was not able to choose a teacher since school’s advert was the only one on the board. Under some circumstances, my teachers had to change, but today I am thanking for all of them for their patience, trust, and hopes. Not always I was able to pay for the training sessions, but no trainer “showed me a door”. Our club also keeps some reservations for those who are not able or late to pay for the trainings.

Thank for Mom and trainers

I was growing alone with my Mom, so the sport helped to discipline me. I was very nimble, so karate in the adolescent was a good prevention. I want to THANK TO MY MOM that she allowed me to choose pleasant activity – practice karate, participate in the camps and seminars.

I remember how Mom was wavering, whether she should let me go alone to the camp, whether she can trust in me. She saw my passion for karate and understood that it is important for me, so she always turned on the green light for sport. I am very proud of my Mom.

For everyone who is going to start practicing karate, I would recommend to attend to several sport clubs and to choose the most suitable one.

Each trainer has his own teaching methods, internal policy of the club, cherishes certain values, and is differently strict to himself and his students.

We are not going to convince you to stay and practice in our club, since we are the best. We are just patiently trying to reach tops of sportive mastership. We create and ensure professional conditions for sportive activities, in reaching to train leaders in sport. We would kindly and objectively consult you even if you decide to practice karate somewhere else.


Head of Vilnius Traditional karate do club “Puma”

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